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09 Aug-2016

Putty or Plaster of Paris (POP) which one is the best?

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Putty or Plaster of Paris (POP) which one is the best!! This is the most debatable question in interior designing industry and architecture designing industry. Lime wash technique was the traditional way in late 90’s. After that Plaster of Paris (POP) took place of lime wash. Then white putty came replacing POP. But the question is which one is the best for interior designing.

Putty or Wall Putty is made of cement and white powder. It is mainly used for outer surface and inside walls of a building. Its utilization is for giving a defensive base for expensive paints. It is additionally used to fill pores in walls,roofs and spraying. Paints has adhesive property but don’t have filling property. That’s why it needs a smooth texture and there would be no gaps in the walls while painting. The over smoothness of the putty surface diminishes the utilization of the paint. This implies that it additionally decreases the Dry Film Thickness of the Paint when connected on the Putty. That’s why we use wall putty before paints.

Plaster of Paris or POP is actually made of gypsum cements, essentially hemihydrated calcium sulfate and white powder. Plaster of Paris is utilized as a part of little applications. It sets up rapidly and dries hard. It doesn’t break the same way wall putty can. It is fire safe and forms a thick surface to oppose typical thumps in the wake of drying.

That’s why interior designer suggests Wall Putty to perform interior designing and wall painting rather than Plaster of Paris(POP).